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Single Bottle Club

Single Bottle Club

$20.00 / month

A unique, single-bottle wine club for cool people with cool style.

Hand-crafted wines from the heart of California’s central coast wine country!

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The Single Bottle Club sends* you a unique, and limited wine or spirit from the cellar. Crafted in the heart of California’s central coast in the rolling hills of Santa Barbara Wine Country!

Why Did We Create a Single Bottle Club?

There were two main reasons why we created this wine & spirits club.

The first reason to create the club was that we produce such small quantities, and many of our wines or spirits do not make it out of the tasting room. People from outside of our direct area kept asking where we sell our products and special releases? And the truth is, getting products in stores across a town, let alone a state takes a lot of produts & time. And we simply do not craft that much of either!

The second reason for the single bottle approach was to actually give a group of like-minded wine drinkers a chance to have something, that can be opened right away, or kept aside in the cellar as a special find. Not a bottle too unique that you cant dare open it, but just perfect enough to give away to a loved one or friend as a gift, or keep for a special date.

How do we Select the Wine or Spirit for the Single Bottle Club?

Honestly, there are many factors, such as:

  • If we are wearing white this weekend?
  • What time of year and season is it?
  • How cool and awesome the wine or spirit is?
  • Is the wine or spirit limited in quantity?
  • We totally loved it and had to share what we crafted!

Because the single bottle club is so unique, we limit membership to only 50 members.
To get on the waiting list you use the backorder feature.

*Shipments are monthly
*Commitment is 1 year (12 releases)
*Shipping is a Flat Rate $15.00

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