Turiya is an ultra-boutique winery that extends beyond the latest trends, circling back toward a reasoning intended to remind those collectors of passion that wine is meant to be wine, a class of its own, with flavors that reflect the earth from which it came, and the nuances of each berry. Limited releases of Bordeaux varietals and red blends.
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Core Wine Company, a family owned wine tasting room located in Old Orcutt, California focuses on high-end, handmade blends of tempranillo, grenache, and many other Rhone Styles
Lompoc Wine Factory
Lompoc Wine Factory is community based winery offering a home to local winemakers perfecting their skill and art. The project is driven by BBES, a team that has a passion for the central coast & helping creative people do what they do best, create.
Imagine Wine
Imagine Wine is a true boutique winery producing aromatic and delicious wines in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley, near Santa Barbara, California. Our wines are hand crafted by our winemaker, Ross Jay Rankin. Imagine sharing a little (maybe more than a little) wine with your friends and deciding to create a winery…we did and we love it!
Jalama Wine
This is one of the western-most vineyards in the county. With its proximity to Point Conception, coastal weather on three sides keeps the vineyards cool. Soils are predominantly adobe clay. These 15 acres are primarily Pinot Noir (Dijon 114, Dijon 115 and Mt. Eden clones), along with Pinot Gris, Viognier and some cool climate Syrah.
Millennial Wines
The idea behind Millennial Beverage Group, L.L.C. and the label Millennial Wines springs from our motto: Young Inspired Leaders Creating World-Class Wine We are inspired to be in the next generation of Great American Wine Makers and wish to continue the great legacy started by many winemakers before us.
Labarage Winery
We have an irrefutable dedication to the pursuit of excellence and hope that our heart and soul are reflected in the wine. It starts with an inexhaustible commitment to our vineyard and a passion for every detail in the winery. Every action has one single objective – to produce the finest wine possible. We do everything in our power to bring you the most delicious, thought-provoking, honest, and true interpretation of a special site. This is our life.
Lavender Oak Vineyard
A long time dream of Dean and Christi Heck, Lavender Oak Vineyard was established in 2010 as a family run operation. This means all wines are made in small batches, on our estate, with special attention to organic methods; no pesticides, herbicides or harmful chemicals. From harvest to bottling & labeling, each bottle is delicately and meticulously composed; a labor of LOV.
Mail Road Wines
MAIL ROAD is a project born of a commitment to place. We strive to produce wines of uncompromising excellence and distinction. Impossible-to-forget wines. Wines that open hearts and engage minds. Wines that are powerful, yet graceful and balanced. Wines that reveal the passion and uncompromising craft that went in their creation.
Kimsey Vineyard
In 2008, William and Nancy Kimsey established a small, 22-acre vineyard in the Ballard Canyon appellation of Santa Barbara County. The development of this vineyard was a purposeful one. Devotees of pleasurable, cerebral wines, Bill and Nancy had long searched for a site amenable to growing grape varieties they found most compelling; namely several found in the Rhone region of France; syrah, grenache, viognier and roussanne. Today, the Kimsey estate vineyard terroir has proven itself cordial to these enduring varieties.
Hollow Wines
Hollow Wines is a local wine blender and bottler based in Lompoc, California. I, Quinn Hobbs, the owner, blender, and eventually winemaker (first harvest 2020!), gather incredible deals on super quality unique handcrafted wines, ensure their quality (each wine will come with an independent lab test ensuring low sulfur and no herbicides) bottle it and sell to you at a KICK-ASS Price! Be sure to sign up for our email list because you won't want to miss out on our remarkable wines when we do our releases! We only release in limited and small quantities (20-400 cases!). So it moves fast at the prices we sell at!
Tripp Wines
Porcelina Winery
Civilization Wines
Civilization Wine Company, alternatively known as CWC or CivWineCo, is a boutique producer specializing in Burgundy and Rhone varietals from preeminent local vineyards. We often say: "All that matters is what you like", and we invite you to join us in learning about our wines by appointment.
Ox Wines
Hollister Wine Co.
T.W. Hollister & Co. was created in coastal California for the adventurer within us all. We celebrate our family’s legacy by honoring tradition and infusing the untamed spirit of the American West into each bottle we produce.
Village Pop Wine
Village Pop is named after Cameron’s father and my father-in-law, Hovsep ‘Pop’ Hovsepian, ethnically Armenian but straight from a village in Gharaghan now living the American Dream in Los Angeles. His father even made wine in that tiny village in Iran.
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