About Lompoc Wine Factory

Lompoc Wine Factory | Wine Storage & Production Rental | Custom CrushLompoc Wine Factory is community based winery offering a home to local winemakers perfecting their skill and art. The project is driven by BBES, a team that has a passion for the central coast & helping creative people do what they do best, create.

Three of the Lompoc Wine Factory permanent residents include CORE Wine Company Turiya & LWF.

The Wine Factory provides a community tasting room, Wine Production, Barrel Storage and Cold storage for case goods. The Factory also offers custom crush services through its member wine makers.

The role of BBES is to manage the facility, help mentor wine makers, and maintain a co-op lifestyle while providing space, equipment and expertise for use and rental.

We also have a unique relationship with SipMusic Club, a wine & music club, created by Certain Sparks Music. The club releases a special band album and specially paired wine. The wine is specially labeled with the album artwork. Each quarter the members either receive a shipment or have the option to attend the Pick Up Party Release Concert, where the selected band has a live concert put on by Certain Sparks.