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East Atlas Olallieberry Vodka - Winery | Custom Crush | Case Storage

East Atlas Olallieberry Vodka

East Atlas Olallieberry Vodka


100% Olallieberry Freeze Infused Vodka


Perfectly ripened olallieberries, grown & handpicked locally on the central coast. Capturing perfectly its unique color, aroma, & flavor in a spirit. The olallieberry fruit was macerated in a deep freeze process for 6 months in neutral vodka spirits. cold crash filtering & bottling.

Annual Olallieberry Vodka Production: ~100 miniature bottles produced annually, roughly 5 gallons.

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What is an Olallieberry?

Although cultivated in Oregon and Washington as well, the berry found its ideal home along the California coast. The olallieberry is a hybrid of the loganberry (a raspberry-blackberry cross) and the youngberry (a blackberry variety). (Find out More)

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